About Us

About Us

About Us

Almetal established in 1968, it is the first company exporting to 50 countries in the tray sector in Turkey.

Considering the goal of compliance with international standards and continuous improvement in all its activities, ALMETAL produces, sells, develops and exports.

With its products, it has become one of the leading companies of its sector every day.

New vision for a new millennium

ALMETAL enters my new Millennium with a new vision:

It is one of the leading companies in the sector and sells trays and pans that dominate the world.

It continues its efforts to contribute to the rapid development of the country and aim at innovative and high-quality growth.

Expansion of business areas

The business areas of ALMETAL have been significantly expanded.

The company is currently; Such as round baklava tray, square baklava tray, angled or welded pans, bakery production and display trays, bread baking pans, disposable pans and trays, rotary ovens, pizza trays, kunefe pans, cake molds, kitchen products and many other products. has a wide range.

One of the most important steps in its development is the institutionalization effort.

Continuous and unchanging purpose;

Creating added value for people in its field, ALMETAL conducts all its activities with the principles of corporate management, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection.

The journey, which started in 1968, continues with a growth strategy focused on development and productivity.

The confidence we have in ourselves and the future of Turkey is directing us to create ambitious targets.

We know that achieving these goals is possible only with a strategic management approach.

In terms of their sectors, they tried to comply with the norms determined for the environmental qualities of the products and to support the passing products.